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Warm Blood

Dates with showtimes for Warm Blood
  • Mon, Jun 10


Director: Rick Charnoski Run Time: 86 min. Rating: R Release Year: 2022

Starring: Haley Isaacson

let the weirdness begin – A Savoy Exclusive!

Local Comedian David Deery brings us this strange film from LA-based skater, artist and filmmaker Rick Charnoski.  Shot in 16mm.  Director Rick will be on hand to answer your questions about what goes on in his twisted mind… or maybe he won’t.

This film is not for everyone – you gotta really want to see it.  Find out a little more here or watch the trailer at least.

Synopsis:  The plague is already here. Pesticides, lies and Paranoia. Tractor beams in the vineyards. A yellow dust coats everything. Everyone is sleepwalking. Steam under the hood. Gravel in the mouth. Tom and Red are back on the road and Red tells Tom to pull over. Reagan delivers the State of the Union on the radio. A body was found next to the river. The sickness is growing.


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