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Option 1

Before the show

Reach a wide audience by having your ad play on-screen before the trailers start! On-screen ads are static slides lasting 8 – 10 seconds and play on a 1 – 2 minute loop with other content prior to start of the films. The loop plays for approximately 10 – 20 minutes twice nightly and four times throughout the afternoon and evening on weekends and select holidays.


$120.00 per month

$300.00 for 3 months

$1,000.00 for a year


Option 2

Digital Window Sign

The Savoy theater is currently the only business in town with a large display screen that faces the street.  When you advertise on this screen you will be reaching a much broader audience and they don’t even need to buy a movie ticket!   Just like on the main screen, ads on our digital sign run for 8 – 10 seconds in a 1 -2 minute loop alongside other ads, coming attractions and current film offerings.  The digital sign runs every evening starting at dusk, and stays active well into the night!


$100.00 per month

$260.00 for 3 months

$900.00 for a year



Option 3

Both before the show & on the digital sign

Make sure your message reaches both audiences, and passersby, by advertising before the show and on our digital window sign.


$185.00 per month

$500.00 for 3 months

$1,750.00 for a year

Contact us to get started advertising with us today:

Don’t have ad content ready to go?  Let us put something eye-catching together for you!


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