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Poster for The Kidnapping of Jasmine Delray
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The Kidnapping of Jasmine Delray

Dates with showtimes for The Kidnapping of Jasmine Delray
  • Sat, Aug 3


Run Time: 66 min.

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From local directors Penny Towers, Jay Carney and Frank Farbehind comes the exclusive Vermont premier of their latest film “The Kidnapping of Jasmine Delray”, a Film Noir Black Comedy Detective story with an accompanying original soundtrack Album! Shot entirely on location in Central Vermont, 25 roles are played by 14 actors. 19 of these 24 characters, representing 76% are from Central Vermont making this very much a Vermont home grown motion picture event!

Penny Towers plays the lead role of Gumshoe Detective, Tony Labatchi, Jr. in 1946 Los Angeles along with several different characters of various temperaments who will immerse you in the dire circumstances within which they find themselves. It’s a quirky take on the Film Noir detective genre with both serious and comical results. Tony Labatchi, Jr. is assisted in his investigation by his father, Tony Labatchi, Sr. (played by Jay Carney), a once retired private investigator called out of retirement to assist his son. In addition to playing the lead role of Tony Labatchi, Jr., Penny Towers also plays 6 other roles.

Both the movie and the album are being simultaneously released coincident with the World Premiere of the movie on

Saturday, August 3, 2024 at 7:00 pm


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