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Love of the Land

Dates with showtimes for Love of the Land
  • Mon, Jun 24


Run Time: 90 min. Release Year: 2024

Romaine Tenney was a Vermont farmer who was born in 1900. His farm was seized by eminent domain in the 1960s in order to build Interstate 91. He deeply loved his land, animals, and way of life.  Sadly, the night before he was supposed to be off his land he set his farm animals free, burned his barns, and set his house on fire with himself barricaded inside. The film focuses on Romaine’s connection to his land, his sense of place, what progress means, and suicide prevention.

Local filmmaker Travis Van Alstyne will join us after the screening to talk about Romaine Tenney’s history and a behind the scenes look at how he created the film using a rotoscope animation technique, where you  digitally draw/trace over video frame-by-frame.


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