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Lost Nation

Dates with showtimes for Lost Nation
  • Tue, Jul 16
  • Wed, Jul 17
  • Thu, Jul 18


Run Time: 90 min. Rating: PG-13

Jay Cravens’ Latest film!  July 16 – 18

A Revolutionary War era action drama set in the early upstart Republic of Vermont. Ethan Allen leads resistance to Yorker land claims, launches an ill-fated attack on British forces in Montreal, and leads invasions by his Green Mountain Boys into New York. At every turn, Allen navigates thick entanglements with allies, enemies, and family. A parallel story features Kenyan actress Eva Ndachi (“Beautifully Broken”) as Lucy Terry Prince, whose poem, “Bars Fight,” about the 1746 Deerfield Massacre, is the first known work of African American literature. Terry settled with her family on a Guilford, Vermont homestead carved out of the forest by her husband, formerly enslaved farmer, and frontier transport operator, Abijah Prince.

Like Ethan Allen, the Princes found themselves caught up in turbulent times and a prospect for land and liberty sought through the American Revolution. Like Allen, Lucy Prince also upset the status quo in her use of early Vermont’s legal and political systems to persevere through the sometimes-difficult experiences of her family. Ethan Allen’s invasion of Guilford seized control of Guilford’s Packers Corner Tavern, less than a mile from the Prince Homestead.



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