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Black Dawn

Run Time: 20 min. Release Year: 1979

BLACK DAWN recounts the founding of Haiti through the eyes of two captured African tribespeople, Sili and Simba. Animated from paintings by thirteen of Haiti’s foremost artists, including Rignaud Benoit, Philom Obin, and Philippe Auguste, BLACK DAWN celebrates the strength and artistry of the Haitian people.

The screening will include an introduction and Q&A with directors Robin Lloyd and Doreen Katz. Donations will be collected to for Wedens Pierre Deceus, a Haitian agronomist who has worked for 15 years creating vegetable gardens in rural northeast/northwest Haiti for Ayiti KonseVet, a small organization based in Cape Haiten. Deceus has a long association with Vermont and interned at Shelburne  Farms several times where he learned bread baking and bee raising. His oven was destroyed by the recent combined earthquake and hurricane, which destroyed much human habitation in his home region in southeast coastal Haiti this past summer. We are seeking to raise funds to help him rebuild.


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